Dear Rodos businessowner,

We have started this website for Finnish tourists that travel to Rodos. And the reason for us to do this, is of love for Rodos!

The idea is to have a list of businesses (bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, services, activities, cruises, boats) and their location on the Rodos map of the site.

If you want to be displayed on the site – send us your details with the form at the site, in English, and we translate it in Finnish on publish on the site.

The best case is to have a photo of your place, a description text, address, phone number, Facebook and website address. We also link your listing to your possible Tripavisor page.

Logo or photos
Address + webiste+ Facebook
Possible videos and links to direct boookings
Tripadvisor link
Google map link

The price of the service for 2019 is 50€

When you are listed on the site, you can send us emails of your possible events, advertisements, services, and we can post them online at the site and in Facebook.

After you have sent the listing form, please go and pay the service fee for 2018 - after we have received both the payment and form, we will translate your information and list You on the site.

We are in contact RIGHT after we receive your listing. We translate your text from ENGLISH to Finnish. listing